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Finally, a mobile chord transposer that’s easy to use.

Transpose chords on the fly with chordmatic! Simply enter your song’s chords with our easy chord keyboard, select the song’s original key, select the desired key or capo position, and transpose! Need to send the chords to your jam buddies? No problem – chordmatic even has an email feature!

Intuitive Keyboard

Entering your song’s chords is easy using our simple, intuitive chord keyboard.

Email Feature

Send your transposed chords to yourself and your friends using the share button.


Chordmatic attempts to detect your song’s original key.


  • Great little app ★★★★★
    Allows fast and easy guitar transposing. Love it.
    By EtsyArtist for Version 2.03
  • Good ★★★★★
    I like it!
    By thechuteboss for Version 2.03
  • Great tool ★★★★★
    I use the capo a lot. It makes it tough for other musicians if they want to join me. This tool makes transposing easy, and I can email the chords to the musicians.
    By JayJprs for Version 2.03
  • Good app, needs improvement. ★★★★
    The only reason I gave this app 4 stars and not 5 was due to not having a place to add the title, or a bridge.
    By T AUG for Version 2.03
  • Works well ★★★★★
    works well and easy to use. that other review about this being difficult to use confused me. has a tutorial too.
    By photoenthu for Version 2.03
  • Great app! ★★★★★
    I found this app extremely user friendly and simple to use with a short turnaround. I work with the youth group at my church and think it's useful for our weekly worship. Thanks!
    By Bjower for Version 2.03
  • Crazy easy and convenient ★★★★★
    Seriously took less than 30 seconds to transpose an entire song. Punch in the chords, select the new key, and BAM. Donezo. 👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
    By Maghishek for Version 2.03
  • Very satisfied so far ★★★★★
    Great for playing in bands. I play keys and sing. I often change the key to a song I want to cover to fit my vocal range and usually do so by ear. Transposing written chords here and then sending transposed song to bandmates seriously reduces chances for human error and speeds things up. Thank you!
    By Toots333 for Version 2.01
  • Chordmatic ★★★★
    Very good especially for beginner!
    By GinniR for Version 2.0
  • Perfect for transposing ★★★★★
    This app has made transposing music so easy for me. Thank you!
    By Jrockwell1979 for Version 1.03