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Watch this video for a quick demo of how to use the app.  Or, read on for more info.

Our intuitive chord entry keyboard makes it simple for you to punch in a song’s chords on your mobile device.

Sharp/Flat Chords

Toggle between sharp and flat chords using these buttons.

Sharp/Flat Chords

Verse/Chorus Labels

Organize your chords with verse and chorus labels using these buttons.

Verse/Chorus Label Buttons

Major/Minor Chords

Toggle between major and minor chords using these buttons.

Verse/Chorus Label Buttons

Special Chord Types

Use this button to access special chord types, such as 7th, sustain, and inverted.

Special Chord Types


Use the undo button to delete the last chord you entered.


Delete All

Use the delete button to erase all the chords you’ve entered.


Transposing your chords is easy.

Select Desired Key

Pick the desired key for your song.

Select Original Key

Chordmatic attempts to autodetect your song’s original key.

Or, Select Capo Position

If your guitar player is using a capo, then the guitar chords will sound higher than what is written.  You may want to transpose the chords for other musicians to reflect the actual key the guitarist is playing in.  To do this, select the capo position the guitarist is using instead of the desired key, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Share your transposed chords.

Use the share button at the bottom to email your transposed chords to yourself or your jam buddies.

transposed chords
tranposed chords email